Warthog Magnum Series

Sewer Equipment Co. of America Avanti Series


Partnering with StoneAge, the leading producer of expertly engineered sewer nozzles, we are able to offer a full selection of durable, powerful Warthog sewer nozzles and Sewer Equipment Company of America sewer nozzles. If you know the specific size needed for your project we’ll get it for you and if you need the recommendation of our experts, we are happy to help.

Pipe Plugs

With seemingly endless options, finding the right pipe plug for your project can prove extremely difficult. That’s where the experts at JF McDermott come in handy. For more than 60 years we have been helping our clients to find the right pipe plugs, offering a wide selection of top quality plugs from the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Cherne.


We offer a full selection of both sewer and leader hoses from top manufacturers, including Piranha, and our experts are well versed in finding the right width and length for any application.

Flushing Bags

Petersen Drain Flushers open clogged drains with powerful jet action and high flow rate. Easy to install even around bends and elbows. Much greater flow rate than rubber bulb-type flushers that require much of the pressure just to expand the rubber. DrainJetâ„¢ Hydraulic Drain Flusher puts all the water flow and pressure to work.

Myers Model D65


At JF McDermott we stock the widest selection of waste water pumps in New England. Working with only the top manufacturers, we are able to provide local municipalities and corporations with top of the line pumps backed by lasting manufacturer warranties.

Manhole Grouting Products

Partnering with Spetec, a world wide standard in grouting, we are able to offer top of the line manhole grouting products that are designed for both water sealing and soil stabilization.

Sewer Rods

We offer a wide selection of durable, high performance sewer rods from Sewer Equipment Company of America. No matter the pipe size or application, we’ll find the right sewer rod for you.


At JF McDermott we offer a full selection of tracer dyes from Bright Dyes, the leading source for tracer dyes for more than 40 years. From liquid and to powder, to table and cake dyes, Bright Dyes has the top quality products you need and JF McDermott has the expertise to find the right one for your project.

Telegraph Spoons

Since the 19th century Peavy Manufacturing Company has been crafting quality tools. At JF McDermott we stock a selection of their durable, dependable telegraph spoons.

Lateral Line Kits

Partnering with Sewer Equipment of America, we are able to offer a wide range of top of the line lateral line kits.


When purchasing new a blade, there are two main factors to consider- 1) is this product built to last and 2) is this the right blade for my project. You can count on the experts at JF McDermott to find you the durable, top quality pipe cutting blades, asphalt blades, and concrete saw blades that meet your specific needs.

Magnetic Manhole Lifters

The days of using hooks and claws to lift manhole covers are behind us. At JF McDermott we stock a full selection of top of the line magnetic manhole lifters. Easy to use, easy to transport, and easy to maintain.

Pipe Locators

Time tested and project proven, Ridgid pipe locators and tracers are the industry standard. At JF McDermott we stock a wide selection of their quality products and will help you to find the one that best suits your needs.

Cables, Blades, & Ends

Duracable is the industry leader when it comes to top quality cables, blades, and ends. Our expert team will work with you to find the right product for your project application.