Equipment Repair

When your company or municipality’s sewage cleaning equipment falls into disrepair you can count on the experts at JF McDermott for quick, thorough repairs. For more than 60 years we have been helping clients to expand the lifespan of the jetters, vacuums, inspection equipment, and any other products they may have.

By turning to New England’s sewage cleaning equipment experts, you’ll save on costly replacements and quickly be able to get your equipment back up and running.

Equipment Rebuilding

When simple repairs won’t get your equipment back up and running at peak form, an equipment rebuild may be the answer. At JF McDermott, our experienced staff has worked with a wide range of sewage equipment from a wide range of manufacturers and are able to effectively rebuild everything from trailer jets to hydro excavation equipment.

Rather than spend thousands of dollars on a brand new piece of equipment, let JF McDermott assess the damage and do our best to rebuild it.

Factory Refurbishing

There are times when sending equipment back to the manufacturer is the best solution in order to achieve the repair needed. Whel J. F. McDermott can implement many fixes ourselves, there are times when the original equipment manufacturer is the place to go. We will handle all arrangements.