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New England municipalities rely on J.F. McDermott for a full selection of durable, top quality sweepers. Partnering with Tymco we are able to provide local cities and towns with the sweepers they need to keep their streets clean.

Sweepers available in New England.

The TYMCO Model 600 is both extremely reliable and incredibly powerful. Whether you’re sweeping city streets during leaf season, cleaning up on a construction site or sweeping behind a milling machine or road reclaimer, getting the job done with the Model 600 is quick to perform and easy to operate. Not only is it built using the highly efficient, time-tested TYMCO Regenerative Air System that provides unprecedented reliability, but it also delivers incredible performance and an amazingly clean sweep.

The TYMCO Model 500x® truly is refined perfection. Tymco took the best of the Model 600® – unprecedented reliability and incredible power – and integrated cutting edge multiplex electronics and the industry’s highest dumping hopper lift assembly to build the most advanced high dump street sweeper available today.

With a fast dump cycle of less than 68 seconds and a soaring 11 foot dump height, the Model 500x provides more versatility than any other high dump street sweeper on the market.

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